Ugh I want a standing desk.


Oy, vey. A standing desk would be great. However, that’s not happening any time soon, unless a piece magically appears (not likely). Probably need to build one in the coming year to get away from the current folding table. Then on to dealing with the pink little girl’s room paint. This one isn’t bad either (but in standing form).


Alas, till then.

What we’ve been doing

Oh,, just a few things we offer now.

Infographics (for a renowned tech blog)

2d wireframes (for a future IndyCar race team)

WordPress Sites (for local businesses looking to be known worldwide)

Social Media Launch programs for crowdfunding

Business planning and development.

But that’s just the last week.

Next week should be exciting too!

Daily Hack Square Reader case carries more stuff safely

I’ve got a bunch of little items in my pack that I need to carry around that are just plain bugging me. So what’d I do, I slammed them together. I simply cut out the foam to fit the items I carry (yes I trimmed down the size of the original square shipper to fit in my bag better. Oh, and I put my business card on the other side! Now, it doesn’t get lost, and if it does, it can find me (though everything is easily replaceable). It’s just a little hack (sometimes I don’t enjoy that word, but it’s effective.)

I hope that makes you want to chop something up, fix something, or make a quick change on a product of your own to make a more effective use of your own materials and resources.


Tools: X-acto #11 blade, Straight Edge, Elmer’s glue


Mapping where things are

If we are here


Then that means the rover Curiosity is,,,

How To Reimagine Product Packaging – reposted from PSFK


How To Reimagine Product Packaging – PSFK.

Here’s a great bit from the designer of the Nooka Watch with some choice thoughts about packaging, waste, and product processes.

His work strives to incorporate minimalism along with reuse or recycling. Additionally he brings up a great point about how products used to be simply tied to their location or have a little price tag hanging from them only, like when you visit an antique shop, or go to a yard sale. That’s as much info as may truly be needed. How little can you use to convey use, cost, and other issues when bringing items to market?

Do take a look a PSFK they have a great design blog with lots of great new posts daily.