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Method’s clever new eco packaging solution. Can you be more clever?

Method, the brand you know and love for great soap that’s eco-friendly on packaging and materials. Yes, the same people that actually went out of their way to write a fantastic design book about how they did it called  The Method Method (seriously, read it if you’re developing a product, it’s got great insights). The gang there have a great new packaging solution where they picked up plastic bottles from the beach in Hawaii and recycled it into packaging (Link from Wired).

The HUGE takeway here is, there are many ecofriendly ways you can do fun things with your packaging materials by sourcing available existing materials. This doesn’t mean what they’ve done is simple, or wasn’t offset by flying their employees to Hawaii to pick up the plastic, but it is a clever step in the right direction to use existing refuse and turn it into useful, original packaging material.

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Green Packaging and Minimalism, how can I make packaging that doesn’t destroy my planet?

Your packaging looks amazing! How did you make it?!

Well, we killed 10 trees, poisoned 3 people and a panda, and ruined an entire lake. We think it looks amazing!

Yeah,, that’s probably not the answer you want to give.

There are simple and effective ways to make good eco-friendly packaging for your products that won’t destroy the planet. Come visit our webinar to learn just how to do it.

From little things like single color soy ink on recycled corrugated cardboard, to simply using a paper sticker (rather than plastic) to ensure a product’s security, while enabling a material to actually degrade in a landfill or be recycled.

Being eco-friendly doesn’t have to be impossible or expensive. With a little information and cleverness you too can make and have great eco-packaging manufactured for your products.

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Design Research, why Pinterest is your friend

Pinterest is your friend? You mean a giant waste of time right?

Nope, it’s a useful tool!

Not only for finding amazing recipes (seriously) Nom Nom!

More importantly you can find great design inspiration in one simple place. There are a myriad of ways to search, and the cost is just right (does free work,, because they can also sell it to you for free).

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Creative Genius, how does it apply to your new packaging?

You’ve created a product from scratch and are starting thinking about your packaging. The last thing you feel like is a creative genius, but the first thing you must be is just that, how can you do it?!

The first thing to do,, is not put that pressure on yourself and just relax. Then, think of your favorite toy from Christmas, Hannukah, or a birthday. What was it? Do you remember opening it? Was there a surprise? How did that surprise unfold? Could you tell what it was? Did it feel heavy? Was it moving around in the box? Did it fall out when the packaging came off?

Think about what to you makes a great package. Does it tell you what’s inside without having to read? Do you know how to use the product without having to read the instructions. The more you can answer yes to these questions, the better you’ll feel about your packaging results.

One of the easiest way to make your packaging work out at the professional level is to use professionals and not worry about getting to that genius level of inspiration. Simply use professionals. They are there to serve you and make your product look amazing without you having to spend a lifetime to learn their special skills.

If you’re looking to make great packaging, come to our webinar and learn all about making and manufacturing great packaging on your own, and how to work with packaging professionals so you can work with them to make your packaging.

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